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Porsche Mileage Correction & Adjustment

Porsche mileage correction is one of those subjects that is often talked about and is often seen as an illegal activity, but in certain circumstances mileage correction or adjustment is perfectly legal, but you need to understand when it is & isn’t allowed.

If you only came here to find an easy & simple to use simple to use Porsche mileage correction via the OBD2 port then you can find it right here. but if you were only looking for a Porsche code reader & scan tool then take a look at our article on the iCarsoft POR v1.0.

Porsche Mileage Correction - When is it Legal?

Imagine if you will, a scenario where a Porsche Cayenne for example has a faulty dashboard/speedo/instrument cluster and needs to be replaced. Let’s say that the car has covered 105,000 miles, and a replacement cluster has been found but it has 87,000 miles on the clock. In that case it is perfectly legal to adjust the odometer once the new cluster has been installed to the car.

Porsche Mileage Correction Via OBD2 Port

When is it Illegal?

Let’s say for example that a Porsche 911 has covered 65,000 miles, but a car seller knows that he would get more money for the car if the odomenter shows that the car has covered 58,000 miles – in this case mileage correction is illegal, because the seller would be financially gaining because of the mileage adjustment/correction. 

Thankfully there are measures in place to try and prevent this from happening, such as mileage checks and logs when the vehicle is presented for a yearly test, the mileage is logged on the the government system, so if the last MOT showed that the car had 62,000 miles but it now has 58,000 miles this would flag up on the system and therefore put potential new owners off buying the car.

An example of misuse

If a car currently had 70,000 miles on the odometer, and the last MOT showed that the car had 61,000 miles on the car, then the mileage could be adjusted/corrected to say 64,000 without any flag being raised or issue being spotted, but it is still illegal.

Want to see Porsche Mileage Correction happen?

In the video below, the guys are using a diagnostic tool plugged into the OBD2 port of a Porsche Cayenne, and the mileage is reset with absolute ease, and takes a matter of minutes. They are using the X-Tool H6 Pro which is very expensive, thankfully though there isa cheaper version with exactly the same functionality when it comes to mileage correction, and you can see that tool RIGHT HERE.

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