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ICarsoft Fault In Communication FIX

If you are experiencing a FAULT IN COMMUNICATION WITH VEHICLE ECU message on the screen of your iCarsoft code reader or scan tool this post will show you exactly how to fix it. There are 2 main reasons why you will experience  a FAULT IN COMMUNICATION.

Firstly, assuming your iCarsoft code reader is genuine then this guide will apply to you. Most owners buy their GENUINE iCarsoft kit from

what tools are effected? ICarsoft Fault In Communication FIX

Unfortunately none of the first generation iCarsoft code readers are immune from the FAULT IN COMMUNICATION issue, so that means the tools listed below will all suffer at some stage from the FAULT IN COMMUNICATION problem.

  • I910 & BM – II
  • I980 & MB – II
  • I960 & POR – II
  • I930 & LR – II
  • I906 & VOL – II
  • I902 & OP – II
  • I901 & KHD – II
  • I950 & FA – II
  • I908, VAG – II & VAWS – II
  • I970 & CP – II
  • I920 & FD – II
  • I907 & RT – II
  • I905 & TYT – II
  • I903 & HNM – II
  • I909
  • BCC – II


There are 2 reasons why a FAULT IN COMMUNICATION will occur on the screen of your code reader. 

REASON 1 – The first reason is that you are trying to diagnose or connect to a system that does not exist in your vehicle. 

Lets say for example you are pressing the option on screen to diagnose a fault in the trailer (tow bar) of the vehicle. If the car does not actually have this system installed to the car then you will receive a FAULT IN COMMUNICATION message. You are basically trying to connect to a system that does not exist.

The reason the option is in the menu, is because some cars do have this option installed to the car. It all depends on how the car was specced or optioned at the factory when the original owner bought the car.

REASON 2 – The second reason you will get a FAULT IN COMMUNICATION is because the software on the tool has not been developed correctly or well enough to connect to the system.

For example, if you are using your code reader to connect to the airbag system and you get the FAULT IN COMMUNICATION message, then it’s going to be pretty obvious that there is a fault with the software on the scan tool.

ALL modern cars will have an airbag system installed, so we can definitely rule out the fact that an airbag system may not be installed to the car.



So you’ve probably come to this page because you are looking for a fix. The good news is that we have 2 iCarsoft FAULT IN COMMUNICATION fix methods… read on.

FIX 1 – The first thing you should do is update your iCarsoft scan tool. This will install the latest version of the software/firmware to your kit.

The chances are you might be running an older software version, so updating the software will ensure that any software glitches or problems might have been fixed with the latest update.

You can update your iCarsoft first generation kit by clicking this link.

FIX 2 – If FIX 1 does not work, then you should move onto FIX 2, which involves getting an iCarsoft engineer involved. 

Below is the information for the TOP iCarsoft engineer. you need to contact him with your vehicle information including make, model, model year and if possible VIN NUMBER.

The engineer will probably ask you a few questions about exactly what you are trying to do. The tip is to be patient, and answer exactly as they ask.

The top engineer’s name is Mr Barnett Davies, and his personal email is


We have also made a video explaining this whole process, showing examples of the FAULT IN COMMUNICATION WITH VEHICLE ECU that you on the screen of your scan tool as shown below.

where to buy genuine icarsoft tools

Unfortunately there are fake and clone icarsoft code readers on the market. To be sure you are buying a genuine iCarsoft product you need to buy your product from Diagnostic World. Diagnostic World are authorised stockists and will only ever sell genuine products.

I hope this post has helped you get your iCarsoft kit working exactly as it should. 

If this post hasn’t helped you, I am sorry, but you will need to be patient while the iCarsoft engineers can develop the software.